Myths about gold

So deep is the human’s love for gold that almost every culture has a myth related to gold. Some of the most famous ones follow…read on to go througha journey of the oneand only Gold!

Blackbeard’s Gold
According to legend, Blackbeard, a pirate who prowled the oceans in the early 1700s, buried a large treasure that included vast amounts of gold. Historians doubt the truth of this story (obviously because they could not find it!)


El Dorado
Beyond the normal greed and racism that drove the Spanish Conquistadors to commit the acts they did in the new world, was the search for the legendary City of Gold, El Dorado.  By the middle of the 1500s they had pillaged and plundered all the way to Western New Mexico.
The Spanish Conquistadors searched for the legendary City of Gold, El Dorado. In the 1500s, they searched for the city, expecting to find it with each exploration, then changing its location to drive their men into new regions. In the end, instead of the City of Gold they found that they were in Western New Mexico.


King Midas and the Golden Touch
The Greek and Roman Myth of Midas is about a king (Midas) who wished everything he touched would turn to gold but when Dionysus granted the wish, Midas soon saw the foolishness of his wish (his daughter turned to gold and so did his food and water) and asked Dionysus to release him the curse. To do so, Dionysus had Midas wash in the Pactolus River (in modern day Turkey). This is the mythological source of the real gold present in the river.

                 <–That is a picture of Midas touching a flower and making it turn to gold.

 But these are just myths (blame the mythologist to come up with such things!)


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