Uses of gold

Gold has so many uses, I have no idea where to start.

Well let’s start with one of all the ladies’ favorites… Jewellery!

One of gold’s isotopes is used to cure cancer.

Pure gold is also used for money.

Gold can be made into thread and used for embroidery. Imagine, you could get a dress decorated with gold! Just ask Rumpelstiltskin!

Gold is used in the industrial world as well. It is a highly efficient conductor which does not corrode at all. I mean, who would want a coin that corrodes after a while?

What metal is used to make the crown worn by a king? Gold! This metal is selected for use because gold it is THE metal of highest esteem. It would make no sense to make a king’s crown out of steel – even though steel is the strongest metal. Gold is chosen for use in a king’s crown because IT is the metal associated with HIGHEST esteem and status.

Gold has many uses in the production of glass.  A small amount of gold is suspended in the glass and when it is heated or cooled it produces a rich ruby color.


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